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Lost in the Forrest

Reusable Plant Tape

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Color — Green

Reusable Plant Tape is a houseplant and gardening essential, designed to simplify your plant care routine while reducing waste. Say goodbye to traditional disposable ties and hello to a sustainable, versatile, and eco-friendly solution for all your plant support needs.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Plant Support: Whether you're staking up tall, top-heavy plants, securing vines, or training your climbing greenery, this tape is up for the task. Its flexibility and strength make it suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants.

  2. Easy to Use: No more struggling with knots or fumbling with traditional ties. Our plant tape is designed for effortless use. Simply cut the desired length, secure your plant gently, and adjust as needed. It's a gardener's best friend for training and supporting plants.

  3. Reusable Design: Unlike disposable ties that end up in the trash after a single use, our plant tape is built to last. After your plants have grown and thrived, simply remove the tape, roll it up, and keep it for future projects. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

  4. Gentle on Plants: The soft and flexible texture of the tape ensures that it won't harm or cut into your plant's delicate stems and foliage. It provides the necessary support without causing damage or stress.

  5. Multiple Applications: Beyond plant care, this versatile tape can be used for a variety of household and DIY projects. It's an invaluable addition to your gardening toolkit. 

A note on live plants

Every live plant is unique. Your plant will be cared for like it's our own and will be selected especially for you. Please note that unless otherwise identified, the plant you receive will vary from the picture provided (i.e. different number of leaves).