Potting Services

Let us help with all of your plant repotting needs! Lost in the Forrest will use our handmade soil mixes to repot your plants, keeping your house dirt free.


Pricing based on new pot size

2" - $3

4" - $6

6" - $9

8" - $12

10" - $15

12" - $18

What to Expect

No appointment is necessary! We will do our best to complete your repotting in a timely matter, which may take between 1-2 hours. Exact timing may vary due to staffing day-to-day.


Lost in the Forrest will not provide potting services to any plants with pests, including spider mites, mealy bugs, scale, aphids, thrips, and others.

Prior to bringing any plant in for repotting, please thoroughly look for any signs of pests. If you find pests or are unsure, send us a note before bringing it in and we will help determine next steps.