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Lost in the Forrest

Microfiber Glove

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What's the ultimate solution for plant enthusiasts seeking an effortless way to care for their leafy companions?! LITF's Microfiber Glove! Selected with functionality in mind, this glove takes plant care to a whole new level, making it a must-have accessory for any plant lover.

Key Features:

  1. Gentle Yet Effective Cleaning: The ultra-soft microfiber fabric of this glove ensures your plants are treated with the utmost care. It gently removes dust, dirt, and grime from leaves without causing damage or stress to your beloved plants.

  2. Versatile Usage: Whether you have large indoor plants, delicate orchids, or a collection of succulents, this glove is adaptable to all plant types. It's also suitable for cleaning other household items like blinds, glass surfaces, and electronics. Just be careful on the cactus in your collection.

  3. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning your Microfiber Plant Cleaning Glove is a breeze. Simply hand wash it with mild soap and water, and it's ready for your next plant-cleaning session.

  4. Ideal Gift: Looking for a thoughtful gift for the plant lover in your life? The Microfiber Plant Cleaning Glove is a practical and stylish choice that any plant enthusiast will appreciate.

Elevate your plant care routine with the Microfiber Plant Cleaning Glove and give your green friends the TLC they deserve. With its gentle yet effective cleaning capabilities, comfortable fit, and stylish design, it's the perfect tool for keeping your plants looking their best. Say goodbye to dusty, lackluster leaves and hello to thriving, vibrant plants that will be the envy of your botanical collection. Get your glove today and let the beauty of your plants shine!

Note, each glove is sold individually, not as a pair. Colors will vary. 


A note on live plants

Every live plant is unique. Your plant will be cared for like it's our own and will be selected especially for you. Please note that unless otherwise identified, the plant you receive will vary from the picture provided (i.e. different number of leaves).