Repurpose and Revive: Give New Life to Old Containers

Instead of splurging on new plant pots, look around your home for creative ways to repurpose old containers. Mason jars, tin cans, or vintage teacups can be transformed into charming plant homes. Let your creativity bloom as you breathe new life into forgotten objects, all while reducing waste and adding a touch of uniqueness to your indoor jungle.

Have a something cute that isn't technically a pot but would look great with a plant in it? Utilize a repurposed container as an interior nursery pot, allowing you to decorate to your planty heart's content without the fear of water or soil damage!

Responsible Pest Management

Instead of reaching for harsh chemical pesticides, invite nature's allies to help you combat pests. Use natural pest control methods such as neem oil, insecticidal soap, beneficial insects, even bottom-watering. While there are a number of solutions help manage pests in a more eco-friendly way, one size does not fit all. Try out a variety of options to find what works best for your plants and care style.

Pest Management

Diatomaceous Earth

Sprinkle on top of your soil to help get rid of those annoying fungus gnats. Bottom water to help get best results. Apply as needed.
Pest Management

Microfiber Glove

Use for cleaning off leaves of your favorite plants! Can also be used with Neem Oil based pest management products.
Pest Management

Neem Oil

An organic solution used as a pesticide against insects or mites while improving leaf's shine.

Potting Mix: Mix It Up with Sustainable Substrates

Embrace your inner mixologist and create your own potting mix using sustainable substrates. A combination of coconut coir, vermiculite, perlite, and/or compost can replace conventional peat-based mixes, which contribute to peatland depletion (no good!). It's like creating a nutritious buffet for your plants, with eco-friendly ingredients that nourish both the roots and the planet.

LITF's Chunky Mix

With these sustainable practices, you can transform your indoor gardening routine into an eco-friendly adventure. From repurposing containers to DIY potting mixes and responsible pest management, every small step counts in nurturing your plants and the planet. Happy gardening, eco-warriors! Together, we'll make our green spaces thrive while leaving a lighter footprint.

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