Pet-Friendly Plants; Keeping your furry friends safe!

Pet-Friendly Plants; Keeping your furry friends safe!

Does the thought of collecting plants make you nervous because you have pets at home? You’re not alone!

The ASPCA website has has taught us a lot about pet-safe plants. Their website has an easy-to-use database for you to search your favorite plants and verify if they are pet safe or not. (you're welcome ☺️)

Many plants that we know and love are, unfortunately, harmful to our pets, but finding a pet-friendly plant doesn't have to be boring! Here are 6 of our top favorites!


String of Turtles (Peperomia Prostrata) 

There are many peperomia varieties to choose from, like this one! Find a bright, filtered space in your home with some humidity and watch this plant take off! We can't get over the turtle-like resemblance on their little leaves. How unique!




Variegated Wayetii, Chelsea (Hoya Carnosa 'Chelsea'), & Elliptica

Hoyas are the perfect pet safe option for spaces with a plethora of light! With plenty of different waxy shapes, colors, and textures you are bound to find a Hoya you just have to bring home.


Maranta & Calathea 

Red Maranta (Maranta Leuconeura var. Erythroneura) / Calathea Vittata (Calathea Elliptica Vittata)

If you’re looking to make a statement with the next plant you bring home, these beauties add all the drama! They have a tendency to be very vocal when they need something. If you have a helicopter plant parent style, put a maranta or calathea on your wishlist. They will love your attention to detail!


Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Mona Lisa (Aeschynanthus Radicans 'Mona Lisa')

Are you a fan of blooming, cascading foliage? Look no further than the beautiful Lipstick Plant. The vibrant color & shape of its flowers gave them their name, so you can image how pretty their blooms are. These are a must-have in our book!

Jewel Orchid

Jewel Orchid 'Discolor Nigricans' (Ludiscia Discolor)

Velvet texture, check. eye-catching leaf pattern, check. low maintenance, check! We love this plant, for obvious reasons. It's an added bonus that they are also pet-friendly! 

We hope you feel more confident creating a space where your pets & plants can co-exist in harmony! Thanks for checking in with us!

Next Tuesday we will be chatting all about drainage, but until then.....GET LOST!


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