Drainage; here's the info.

Drainage is arguably one of the most important parts of having a healthy plant. Providing the roots oxygen is key. Here are some things we think you should know.

Ideal Drainage

The most ideal plant + pot setup is a nice chunky soil mix in a pot with a drainage hole. Or, keep your plant in a nursery pot & place it inside of a decorative pot without a drainage hole as a cover pot.

Less than Ideal Drainage

Use a nice chunky soil in a pot with no drainage. It's manageable. But err on the side of underwatering vs. overwatering, it's easier to put more in than take it out!

Not Ideal Drainage

This setup doesn't allow your roots much oxygen. A dense soil in a pot with no drainage hole. This will quickly lead to root rot if you're not careful.

The roots of your plant are its life source. Providing them oxygen is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your plant is happy and growing. These are great guidelines to keep in mind when potting up your plants.

Chunky Soil + a Drainage Hole is the most-ideal setup. A balance of water retention and aeration is key in the potting pix. We use a mix of coco-coir, perlite, & coco-chips. It is our go-to for finding the perfect balance. Check out our Heather Collection of pots, these adorable pots have drainage holes and a matching saucer too!

Chunky Soil + Pot with no Drainage is a less-than-ideal setup. With no escape for the extra water, overwatering is easier to do. If you choose this setup, err on the side of underwatering. It is much easier to add more water than to take water out! Make sure to check out our Chunky Potting Mix!

Dense Soil + Pot with no Drainage is the least ideal option. While there are no rules in being a plant parent, this isn't the safest option. No airflow to the roots and more moisure stuck around the roots for longer periods of time leads to a higher risk of root rot.

Now, picture this. You’re perusing the aisles of your favorite plant store and you find the perfect pot. Only to tip it over and find out, it has no drainage hole! Yikes…. Here is our #1 tip for using that adorable new pot without sacrificing the health of your plant.

Keep your plant in the nursery (plastic) pot and use the decorative one as a cover. you can also then use it as a vessel to bottom water if that is your watering preference. This way you can still buy that adorable pot and not sacrifice your plants health when using it. You can also drill drainage holes in pots using a ceramic drill bit!

There are a wild range of variables that come to play when caring for plants. Growing conditions, direction of light, and your personal plant care style. These are all different for everyone. 

If you remember anything from this post, remember this: Curate the jungle and plant care style that works best for you! These guidelines are meant to help educate and give you options to adapt and use.

Until next time, Get Lost.

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