Four Underrated Houseplants We Adore!

With an abundance of houseplants to choose from, some are easily forgotten or overlooked. These four plants have been deprived of their opportunity to step into the bright indirect spotlight that they deserve.

There are seemingly endless Philodendrons to add to your collection, so it’s normal that some flashy philos take center stage, like the Philodendron Florida Beauty. The Philodendron Silver Stripe is a good example: it’s more famous sibling, the Philodendron Rio, often steals the show. Don't make the mistake of looking past the Silver Stripes’ beauty, though! With adorable heart shaped leaves that spill over the edge of its pot, they are the perfect, unique trailing Philodendron. The outer leaf rocks a dark green color and is dynamically contrasted by the inner cream color with a subtle streak of silver. Each new leaf gives you a fun, surprise pattern of variagetion.

Hoyas also seem to come in every shape, size, color, and texture. One of our most beloved Hoya characteristics is sun stress! While a Hoya Sunrise has a simple shaped green leaf that is often overlooked by plant parents, give them more light and they transform into a new plant. Their green leaves take on a new reddish color. Give them even more light and the color becomes more intense. This underrated Hoya will not dissapoint, especially for pet loving plant parents, as it is also pet friendly.

With the velvety leafed Anthurium steating all of the Anthurium lovers’ attention, the Anthurium Radicans x Luxurians (Rad x Lux) hybrid is left in the back of the greenhouse forgotten about. Don't make the same mistake! The Rad x Lux is a beginner freindly Anthurium, unlike its instagram famous sibling, the Anthurium Warocqueanum. The leaves look and feel like the back of an alligator, making it unique and stunning. Don't be scared though, this budget friendly Anthurium is sure to steal your heart!

Jewel Orchids are overlooked by a majority of plant parents — we honestly can not seem to figure out why they are overlooked! Theses small but mighty plants have a velvet-like texture, making them feel high class. If you pay close enough attention, you will catch magical wisps of silver glistening in the sunlight. Their beauty is in the subtle details. Each type of Jewel Orchid has different color leaves with unique patterns and sparkles weaving through each leaf. If you are lucky, they will even flower for you.

Make sure to give these beauties the bright indirect spotlight they deserve! Spend some time today looking through your own plant collection and pick out a few of your underrated plants that deserve the spotlight!

Thanks for reading, we will see you next week! Until then, GET LOST!