Let's have some fun! Find your favorite plant and read to see what that says about you!


Most Compatible: Monstera Lovers

Least Compatible: Hoya Lovers

 If your favorite plant is a philodendron, you probably stumbled into being a plant collector. You saw it, you liked it, you bought it. Philodendron lovers are a little bit impulsive, but definitely have fancy taste. They are the golden retriever of plant collectors. Getting the latest Instagram trend plant is a must, but their loyalty is with Philodendrons. Their care style matches their personality.. chaotic. Sometimes their plants will go weeks without water, other times they will hover over your collection waiting to see the variegation on a new leaf. They have 'helped' way too many emerging leaves unfurl, but never seem to learn their lesson when they break. In general, Philodendron lovers are easy going; their biggest dilemma is whether to choose a moss pole or a trellis for support. 


Most Compatible:Anthurium Lovers

Least Compatible: Alocasia Lovers

As a monstera lover, you thrive on being ~different & unique~ but also deeply appreciate the classics. Philodendron lover's collection likely started with a Deliciosa or Adansonii, but has quickly transformed to a wishlist full of variegation and multiple subspecies. They are always on the hunt for the next plant to get... Obliqua Peru? Got it. Obliqua Bolivia? Got it. They are always on the hunt to find niche plants with unique and mature fenestration. Their house is already a jungle, but it’s important to have every species. Variegation isn’t just an option, it’s a lifestyle. They know too much about the differences between a Thai Constellation and an Albo, but ultimately just want to get their hands on a Large Form Aurea. They have had to endure lots of trial and error with root rot, but learned a lot in the process. There is no gatekeeping as a Monstera lover. Just like how Monsteras fenestrate to let sunlight to the lower leaves, they are ready and willing to share their wealth of knowledge on plant care with others.


Most Compatible: Other Hoya Lovers

Least Compatible: Anthurium Lovers

If your favorite plant is a Hoya, we have a feeling you rely on organization and routines. You likely have a very specific way of labeling or naming each of your waxy plants. The ‘collect them all’ mindset runs deep in your plant collecting approach. Hoya heads can be intimidating at first, but behind their thick waxy skin are some of the most generous and kind planty people. Hoya lovers tend to offer extreme generosity to other Hoya lovers, offering excessive amounts of free cuttings to strangers on the internet. Hoya Heads also tend to be analytical and data driven in their systems and routines. Spending hours researching the best type of grow lights for their Hoyas. They definitely have the most knowledge when it comes to reclassifications, Mealy Bugs, Leca, and names that contain random numbers. 


Most Compatible: Alocasia Lovers

Least Compatible: Monstera Lovers

Surprisingly, Anthurium lovers share a lot of characteristics with Hoya Heads and Alocasia lovers! Anthurium lovers have many type A characteristics mixed with some 'sad boi' energy, but they have a little sprinkle of overconfidence as well.  The set up of Anthurium lovers is almost as impressive as their plant collection, with a VivoSun grow tent, wifi humidifiers, Barrina T5 grow lights, all of it! The picky Anthurium need this level of care and attention to detail in order to be happy and healthy, and Anthurium lovers have it down. They have a great level of pride not only in caring for these plants, but also understanding the history behind their beloved plants. Doc Block is a legend to them, obviously. So much so, they might even name their children after his creations… think 'Michelle x Zara'! If you are not an Anthurium lover, understanding them might be confusing with jargon like ‘F2’, or ‘spadix’. These creative Anthurium folks are always brainstorming different Anthurium Hybrids and their characteristics. Plus, they are always looking for new people to convert to Anthurium lovers!


Most Compatible: Anthurium Lovers

Least Compatible: Philodendron Lovers

If your favorite plant is Alocasias….. are you okay? Between the constant fear Spider Mites and never ending dropping of leaves, this might be a borderline toxic relationship. All jokes aside, Alocasia folks are master problem solvers and plant whispers! They are able to look at plants and recognize the problem and a variety of solutions in a blink of an eye. CORMS! Corms are the sunshine on a cloudy day for Alocasia lovers, digging around in the soil for those little guys. Experimenting the best ways to grow the corms in old take out and fast food containers. The combination of challenges and dark mysterious foliage attracts moody folks looking for something to help! Alocasia lovers are loyal, thoughtful, and kind, everyone needs an Alocasia lover as a friend.

Well, how did we do? Did we miss anything? We hope you laughed a little at your self while reading, as a team we definitely had enjoyed making fun of ourselves as we wrote this one.

Thanks for reading, untill next week...GET LOST