Plants that align with your Zodiac sign!

Have you ever wondered what the perfect plant is for your Zodiac sign? Well, we've come up with a list of plants we think are unique and perfect based on your astrological sign!


This fire sign is strong, bold, & energetic. Aries are competitive by nature. Making the Thai Constellation the perfect plant for Aries. It is fierce, and bold with unique variegation, and a tough competitor for the prettiest variegated monstera.


These ‘creatures of habit’ are ambitious, loyal, any maybe even a little stubborn. They are incredibly cautious when new situations arise. Alocasia couldn't be more similar. They prefer a unique care style and thrive when they are left alone in one environment. They don't enjoy to be moved around too much, but once you figure out their love language, they will reward you with some of the most beautiful foliage!


Gemini is an Air sign, they are expressive, clever, and mostly extroverted! The Red Marantahas expressive foliage that follows the light source with beautiful patterns and color. These fast growers are a great plant for any plant parent. Bonus, they even get along with your pets!


Cancer plant parents are sensitive, loving, devoted, & persuasive. Making the Syngonium Aurea the ideal match. Syngonium are easy-going and will give you endless growth with little effort. Each leaf showing off new and unique variegation. Don’t forget to water them though, they are sensitive to not letting their soil dry out completely.


A Leo loves all the drama and being the center of attention. Begonias are no different. Their stunning, bright foliage and particular growing environment makes them the perfect pairing for a Leo. If you forget to water your Beognia, their dramatic side will shine through!


Anthurium plants are particular with their growing environment. They thrive in a humid, well-lit environment. Making this plant the perfect plant for a Virgo who is detail oriented, but practical & loyal! Give an anthurium the ideal growing environment and they will be loyal to you forever, even givng you an inflorescence if you are lucky!


Libras thrive in balance & harmony, they are obsessed with symmetry. An Epipremnum Pinnatum Marble balances its vibrant white variegation with the vivid green, making it the utter match for a Libra.


There was no questioning the perfect plant for a Scorpio. This sign is powerful, alluring, fearless, & bold. The Philodendron Ring of Fire embodies all of those traits and more! There couldn’t be a more iconic and powerful pairing.


The entertainer who is unique, intense, adaptive, flexible! For all of you bold Sagittarius the Philodendron Florida Beauty is your plant. The beautiful and unique foliage will definitely be the life of the party, or of your plant collection!


Bird of Paradise plants are resilient, and hardy making them the ideal plant for all Capricorns. They have a hard exterior, soft interior, are punctual, & resilient!


There’s no other sign in the zodiac who loves to stand out in a crowd more than an Aquarius. They are innovative, loving & unique! The Syngonium Red Spot Tricolor-color checks all of those boxes! The bold pink and white variegation is sure to leabe you excited to see each new leaf!


And last, but certainly not least the Pisces. The baby of the zodiac. They are empathetic, gracious, imaginative. The Raven ZZ is the perfect plant for this sign. The unique foliage of the ZZ is unlike any other plant and their care style is as gracious and easy-going as their Pisces plant parent!

We hope you all had as much fun reading this post as we did writing it! Now you can confidently choose the perfect plant to align with your personality.

Until next time, Get Lost


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Dalie Dominguez
Dalie Dominguez

Did you know I’m an Aquarius ♒️!?!?! Red spot, I love it!!!

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