Say hello to the moss pole—a seemingly quirky yet effective tool that your climbing houseplants will love. In this blog post, we'll unravel the mystery of moss poles, explore their benefits for our leafy friends, and unveil which plants are the true climbers of the bunch.

What on Earth is a Moss Pole?

First things first, what the heck even is a moss pole? Picture a long, cylindrical structure covered in a layer of moss. It's like a mossy beacon for your climbing plants, offering them a sturdy support system to cling onto as they reach for new heights. The moss serves a dual purpose—it provides a moist environment for the roots to cling to while giving amble support for your plant to grow even larger leaves.

Moss Poles

Climbing in Style: Benefits of Moss Poles

Not all plants are born to climb, but some are bona fide experts at scaling new heights. Here are a few green superstars that thrive with the support of a moss pole.

  • Monsteras  


    Monsteras (especially the Monstera Deliciosa) love to spread its leaves and flaunt its iconic fenestrations. A moss pole will keep this viney giant well-behaved and allow it to showcase even larger leaves as it climbs with more and more fenestration.

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  • Pothos  


    Marble Queen, Neon, and Golden Pothos are all avid climbers that will happily twine their way up a moss pole. While pothos also look great draping/vining downward, they will love you and will fill any space with a moss pole.

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  • Hoyas  


    A simple moss pole is a beautiful and neutral way to show off your hoya plants. The aerial roots will be able to grip the moss pole and absorb moisture for the plant.

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Moss Pole Maintenance: Keeping It Fresh

To keep your moss pole in prime condition, occasional maintenance is required. If you notice the moss drying out, give it a good misting or soak it in water to rehydrate. Trim any unruly or disheveled moss to keep your pole looking dapper. Let your plants vine and dine in style.

Moss Pole Alternatives

While moss poles are a classic and well loved by climbing plants, there are many alternatives that your plant will enjoy in substitution. If you have a smaller vining plant try fun shaped trellises for added design in your space. If simple support is all it needs, a dowel or even a chopstick will do just fine! No shame in the resourceful!

Moss Pole Alternatives

With moss poles in your indoor gardening toolkit, you can elevate your climbing houseplants to new heights—literally and figuratively. Embrace the natural instincts of your plant pals, provide them with a supportive structure, and watch them thrive as they reach new heights.

Until next Tuesday...... GET LOST!