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Tolumnia are miniature Equitant orchids native to the Caribbean. These orchids prefer warm growing conditions and grow on twigs in their natural habitat, where moisture and nutrients are provided by daily rain showers and dew. Try to mimic these conditions at home. 


Light: Vandas thrive in bright, indirect morning light. Look for a location that has lots of morning light and subdued afternoon light. 

Temperature and Humidity: Tolumnia grow in a wide range of temperatures, between 60F and 90F. They prefer relatively high humidity, around 50%-70%. When provided enough humidity, Tolumnia grow without any substrate. However, if high humidity levels can not be maintained, you can lightly pack moss around the roots to help retain moisture. If using a pebble tray, make sure the roots do not sit in water. 

Water and Feeding: Tolumnia should be watered or misted daily when grown bare root. Generally, watering in the morning is ideal. If potted, Tolumnia should be watered once the substrate has completed dried, usually around once a week. Tolumnia should never stand in water. Prior to and during blooming, water Tolumnia should be watered more often. Tolumnia should be fertilized every second or third watering with 1/4 diluted, balanced fertilizer. 


Tolumnia often bloom multiple times a year when provided the right balance of moisture, light, and nutrients. 

A note on live plants

Every live plant is unique. Your plant will be cared for like it's our own and will be selected especially for you. Please note that unless otherwise identified, the plant you receive will vary from the picture provided (i.e. different number of leaves).