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Lost in the Forrest

Tissue Culture 101 (Aug 1, 2022)

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Tissue Culture 101 - Philodendron Plowmanii

Have you ever been curious about tissue culture? Come de-flask some TC plants while Forrest shares an overview of tissue culturing! You'll be exposed to the pros and cons of different growing medias and care routines and you'll get to try them out on your new plantlets. 

Come learn about tissue cultured plants and spend some time with other plant enthusiasts!  

What You'll Bring Home

  • Approx 10 tissue culture plantlets
  • Starter kit, including container, growing media, etc

Event Details

  • Event Date: August 1, 2022
  • Start Time: 6pm

What to Bring

  • Nothing! All supplies (and plants!!) will be provided.
A note on live plants

Every live plant is unique. Your plant will be cared for like it's our own and will be selected especially for you. Please note that unless otherwise identified, the plant you receive will vary from the picture provided (i.e. different number of leaves).